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Thu, Feb 8, 2018 11:00 AM

Lg v20

I really want the LG V20. I'm looking into buying a new phone e and I want a phone that is close to 6" screen, at least 12mp camera, and a min of 32gb of internal storage. I'm seeing things that say I can use the LG v20 on boost and others that say I can't. And before someone tells me to check "the list" my phone that I currently have was switched from virgin mobile and is a ZTE Max xl which was not on that "list" when. I switched. But boost does not offer a phone that fits the description of what I want from a phone without spending $800 or some ridiculous amount. So my question is can I get either an "unlocked" LG v20 or one from another network and have it activated on boost?


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3 y ago

Hi there,  Amgreer07, thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, the LG v20 is not compatible with our service. If you want to check any cellphone by IMEI, you can use this link to do so:

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3 y ago

Except for Tha already stated FACT in other posts here, the LG site states quite clearly it IS a Boost Mobile phone.
Besides, Boost REALLY needs to add a LOT more phones that are NOT Samsung or Apple as they are ENTIRELY too expensive.

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You don't mean the LG V20 that Boost has supplied software updates for?

Is that the one that's not compatible with Boost ?

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‎12-14-2017 09:49 AM
Software Update: LG - V20 (LS997) ver. LS997ZVB

LG - V20 (LS997)

Software Version:LS997ZVB  
Release Date:12/5/2017 
Method:Available Over the Air 
Hardware Version:   


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And might add, the same LG V20 that CANNOT be found anywhere on the Boost site.
I have checked. Not in any locale on the site. Not even under device support.
Kinda makes me wonder how you can get it on Boost if you cannot find it on the site.