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Sat, Feb 16, 2019 8:00 PM

Lg stylo 4 brightness issues

I purchased a new Stylo 4 online on 2/12, and received it 2/15. Only minutes into using it, I noticed a sight flicker on the screen as I scrolled. It gets slightly brighter and dimmer constantly, even thought auto brightness is turned off. I've restarted the phone and factory reset twice with no change. Worst of all, after going to bed, I woke up this morning and checked my phone to find that the brightness was so low that it was as if there was no back light at all. It looked completely blacked out even though it was on. I had to shine a flashlight on the phone to see just barely enough to adjust the brightness bar. I've never had an issue like this with a phone before and its frustrating. I cannot send it back for a refund because it will miss the 7 day period at this point. Where can I go to contact about the warranty? My paper work says it has a 1 year warranty for hardware issues, but I searched and have no idea where and how to contact them.

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2 y ago

Hello, JenW87. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. You can contact your phone warranty at 800-793-8896 for assistance.

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2 y ago

I have same problem with my 4+. I alled Boost and they told me to call LG because it would b Ed under their warranty. I called and had to explain to 3 people how my phone vibrates, screen gets slightly darker and lighter, the battery icon flickers, and the home button sends out a small circle of red and ue dots. They kept wanting me to factory restore and I told them No. I told them this was a hardware problem and my battery stays charged about half a day. The flickering may go on for 30 minutes sometimes then stop for couple of hours. They sent me an email ghat I had to print out a form to sign and a pre paid Fed Ex label. I just got everything on my phone saved so I'm sending it back in the morning. They said I should have my phone back in 2 weeks max. I'm just switching back to my old phone til I get this one. Ack. If I get it back and the same thing keeps happening, I'm going to demand a new phone cause this one is only 3 months old and I'm still paying for it thru the boost up plan!! Call LG, it's supposed to have 1 yr warranty with them and stand your ground and make them fix it!

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Call LG and demand you want it fixed because it's a hardware problem. They will let you send back pre paid and say it will be back in max 2 weeks. Mines doing more than just that and 3 months old. Call Boost Support and get LG number. Tell them you've tried everything and it's a hardware problem and you want it fixed. Good luck

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I subtly had an issue like this as well with my LG Stylo 4 but in my case the brightness would go all the way up even though you could see it was at a desired brightness. Each time I had to resolve it by shutting my phone off and turning it on.