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Mon, Jul 9, 2018 10:00 AM

lg stylo 4 boost mobile

is boost mobile getting the lg stylo 4?


Boost Care


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3 y ago

Hi there! No word on that just yet, but please keep checking back for updates.

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3 y ago

I am becoming a little concerned. Every time this question gets asked, it is ALWAYS the same tired "excuse", you keep telling customers they have to just twiddle their thumbs and wait.
Beginning to wonder how many customers have "jumped ship" to another carrier just so they can get the phone they want.
I mean, really? The Stylo 4 has been available now for almost 4 weeks now, starting with METROPCS then Cricket.
I can be somewhat patient, BUT, even I am SERIOUS now considering "jumping ship" as it now appears to be the ONLY way to get the Stylo 4.
Would REALLY hate to have to leave Boost, BUT, they are NOT listening to customers.

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3 y ago

Boost is full of crap they are not selling the Stylo 4 hence why there has been no announcement 

What is worse is how they keep stalling and lying to keep people thinking otherwise