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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 7:00 PM

LG Stylo 3 Help needed

I have noticed that every since the Covid19 Quarantine lockdown first began in America a few months ago, that (sometimes) when I receive a phone call, that my phone will not *always* ring, and it will not show up as a missed call in the call logs, and lastly the only way I even know I received the call is if the caller leaves a voicemail.  I was thinking maybe because of the quarantine lockdown with everyone at home, that maybe this was happening because of too much traffic on the phone lines.  I have restarted my phone to factory resettings and everything else I could try, including uninstalling apps from my phone.  I have other Boost users in my home, yet this is only happening to me, so it's not because of high phone traffic.  This is very disruptive and a waste of spending money for calls to be missed, especially since my work depends on my phone.  Is anyone else having this issue or have a solution?
I want to make it clear that this does not happen with every phone call I receive. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, only from those who have a solution, please.  My phone specs are below.

LG Stylo 3 Android

Model LG-LS777

Android 7.0

Boost Care


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1 y ago

So sorry to hear about this experience, @user1989. We want to help! We value your privacy and security. Due to the nature of your concern, we would like to authenticate your account, but for us to do this in a secure way we need to take this to a private channel where we can discuss private account information. Please send us a private message along with your phone number, the PIN and a brief description of your request. To send a private message, click on any of the social care agents user names and select the option send this user a private message.