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Wed, Aug 22, 2018 5:00 PM

Lg stylo 3 fingerprint

Since updating my phone my fingerprint scanner is not working. Even in the settings it inst  there to reset the fingerprint, anyone else having this problem? 


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3 y ago

What was the update if you don't mind me asking? My wife's stylo 3 is still functioning perfectly...

Boost Care


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3 y ago

Hey there @BringtheHail We apologize for the delay in answering! Which update did you perform on the device? 



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3 y ago

Mine also stopped working and nobody knows why. I took it to Boost store and a factory

reset was done. Still no fingerprint option.  I can't send it for repair and be without for

several weeks. 

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3 y ago

My LG Stylo 3 also lost fingerprint option this weekend. I went to Boost store and

had factory reset. Still missing and nobody has an answer. I reached out to LG and

all they offered was for me to mail it for repair.  I can't be without a phone for several

weeks. I would like to know what caused this and how to remedy it without mailing it to them.