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Sat, May 1, 2021 3:02 PM

How to block SPAM numbers

Does anyone know how to block SPAM phone numbers?  I have an old phone and can't block from the phone.  Will need to block from the network side.  Used to be able to do with with VirginMobile, but unable to find where to do with with Boost.  HELP!!!  THANKS!


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6 m ago

From what I see on mine... Go to your Boost Dashboard/account page and scroll down toward the bottom. See if there is "Call Settings" link. That goes to a Manage Call Settings/Call ID and Blocking page.

Can't promise how well that works since I can't even see the numbers I want to block on mine, but hopefully that will work for you.


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Thank you very much!  I wasted 30 minuted of my life with Boost "support" trying to get that information.  I was able to find the option to enter in the SPAM phone numbers.  Not sure if it actually blocks them.  Time will tell.

5 m ago

I thought that there is a block phone number button in every phone? I use iphone and xiaomi, both of them have block button bubble shooter


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