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Thu, May 4, 2017 9:00 AM

Can't download any apps from Play Store

When I try downloading or update anything it will say download pending but never downloads anything. How do I clear this so I can download again?

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4 y ago

I am having the same problem is there a solution to this problem.

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4 y ago

Thanks for contacting us. We're sorry for the inconvenience with the Play Store.

Please, follow these steps:


- Uninstall unnecessary applications (Go to Settings > Apps Manager > [ select app ] > Uninstall)


- Clear Play Store Go to Settings > Apps Manager > [ select Play Store app] > Clear Data / Uninstall updates)


- If nothing else works, you may want to factory reset the phone (remember to back up your information)



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4 y ago

Same problem. Tried all of the suggestions you mentioned short of factory reset. That solution is rather extreme and time consuming, and I can't download the appropriate apps to backup my data easily. Seems like this is us could become widespread. Can you please look into a better solution?

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3 y ago

I've done this numerous times with no resolution. It's beyond annoying.

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3 y ago

Sorry to hear that, willsparksjr. Are you getting an error message? Please provide us more details about the issue.

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3 y ago

The most common reason for this has to do with background data.  Most commonly happens when data saver is turned on.

Go to your settings > Apps.  Find "downloads" and then data.  Make sure  Restrict background data is not turned on.

Do the same for "google play services"

The next step would be to clear the cache for both apps.

Hope this helps.

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2 y ago

This is garbage. I have a friend who has boost and his phone was doing this last week. He went into the store and they told him do a hard reset.  Thats absurd. Its such an all purpose swat to try an solve any problem without having to address the real issue. My phone is 3 hrs old out of the box and you want me to do a factory reset already? This is lazy problem solving.

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1 y ago

How did you fix it