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Fri, Jun 26, 2020 9:00 AM

Received text message regarding plan changes in July (2020)

I received a text message from Boost Mobile earlier that my plan is changing next month and the link directed me to the "Open Internet Information" page. I scanned the page/legalese, and it really didn't say anything specific to the change, so can someone answer in plain English what is going on? Is this a way of Boost telling me it's raising prices or something, or that my service will be slowed, or if I'm going to have to get a new phone in light of the transition to T-Mobile's network once Dish buys the company on July 1? What's going on?

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"If you are, you may get deprioritized quite a bit (to the point where you may as well be on 2G). "

IMHO this is not at all equal!  You can always go on late at night to get an important download, not with 2G 24/7!!!  Sunday morning seems to be another good time to have full-speeds.  

Good for you for taking that chance to switch!  Boost literally did a 180 for their services by making this 2G service change, again, IMHO.  To a very slim few, I imagine Boost may actually be a deal, but I really think it is in the single digit percentages of customers that will still be happy with Boost...  Why fix something if it's not broken?  It is obvious with COVID-19 as of recent times, that data-usage will be needed much more than just the previous year. 

At an extreme minimum change, they should offer speeds better than 2G, because 2G is literally all but useless unless you do nothing more than text-only email maybe like people often did back in 1990, which is when this technology was respectably fast for, not 30 years later when the internet just is not designed for these slow-speeds.

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Was a Great Day today. Finally cancelled all 5 lines on my plan. Tried at a Boost store and they said I had to call customer service. They asked why I was cancelling at the store and I told them again about the policy change. The guy said that everyone coming in was cancelling their service. Great job Boost Mobile! When I called customer service I got a message that wait times were long due to recent policy changes. I waited nearly 10 minutes to get through. I’ve never waited more than 30 seconds before all this. There was also a banner statement running stating that all unlimited plans were now capped at 35GB. Funny that they are still advertising plans with 30GB of hotspot data in their stores. Again, great work Boost!

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Charlie Ergen doesn't seem to care. There were rumors about him purging the customer base, and I guess it's coming true. He made comments about prepaid being cheaper only in the U.S., & how Sprint's way of doing things was not a good model. My thing is, he's piggybacking off T-Mobile's (Sprint's) network, & the network largely sucks. I can't speak for everyone, but I stayed with Boost so long because I kind of felt like they knew they weren't the best, and they compromised with the customer by giving a decent value to kind of even things out. Now, Ergen wants to take some value away, even though the network is still very much lacking. Something's got to give, and I guess that's his unwanted and unvalued customer base.
Where I live, Verizon and AT&T are so much better. For all the good I hear about T-mo (which I left for Boost), their signal still sucks indoors. In mid to eastern Carolina, I can hardly ever get an LTE signal. It's 3G probably 97 percent of the time. Ergen and Dish are going to have a hard way to go if they think they're going to make some inroads by opening the customer dam and get any appreciable customers to join Boost because everyone knows too much. They know it's not up to par with any phone service out there. He's opened the floodgates, and they can't be closed.
I've already purchased two unlocked LG V40 phones, & my son will get his iPhone 11 soon. By next week's end, I will take three lines to Visible Wireless. It will be 10$ cheaper than Boost, and I will finally be able to experience consistent LTE service, not to mention make a phone call without so many dropouts. Truly unlimited, and no speed cap (as long as you get in and grandfathered before they take that perk away.