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Thu, Oct 4, 2018 5:00 AM

won't unlock phone

Purchased a phone in january of 2018 from the boost store, also signed up for the pay as you go $50 unlimited plan. I was assured there was no contracts and no commitments. So february 12th went to tmobil to switch plan. I called boost a d got my account number (after a battle). Tmobile ported my number and set up my account. When they tried to install the new sim card they received a. Error that the phone was locked. I called boost to have them unlock the phone (battle #2). I was put on hold and then had a bunch of numbers called out and call hung up, I assumed they unlocked the phone. Tmobile again tries the sim, a d same msg. I called boost again and was assured my phone was not locked. Again tmobile tries the sim and it did not work. After being at tmobile for over 3 hours we decided that it may take a few hours for the unlock to happen. February 13th, tries phone and still locked. Went to tmobile again tries phone did not work, associate called apple to see if maybe a phone issue? Apple suggested backing up phone 
But did not work, called boost again and was told hold not help me, rep at tmobile told he could not do anything else until phone was unlocked. Went home and called boost again, was told and I quote, your phone is not locked. Still cluld not get the phone to accept the tmobile sim card so once again I called boost, after having a 5 minute conversation. I was put on hold and passed off to another boost rep, when I was then told the phone was locked, a x I would have to have an account with boost for 12 months before they would unlock my phone. I asked how they could do this and was told read the policy on the website! So there is no commitment, there is no contract, I own the phone, but I need to read the website to see policy? Wrong!!
1. Why wasn't I told about the 12 month issue the first time I called (or the 2nd or 3rd)?
2. Paid for phone, no contract, no commitment how can they lock my phone?
3. I was paid up till 2/16/18 a d they cut me off monday so they owe me a refund!
4. I have been without a phone since monday due to this issue when though I have been paying for service through tmobile, so boost should refund this also. 
The bottom line is I want my phone u locked and boost has no right to hold. Me hostage!!!

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6 m ago

Get used to it. Boost couldn't possibly care less that I have horrendous service. Told me it's all good for me to not be able to use my phone inside the house.

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6 m ago

I'm having the same problem!  Very frustrating!  I have three iPhones that I have now been told  won't be unlocked because I had not had each phone on the Boost service for 365 days ... even though I have been a boost customer since 2016. 

Over the last 10 months, phone service has been really bad.  Calls drop, calls are so staticky you can't hear, and at times you even get connected to other peoples conversations!  So I decided to switch to a different carrier.  I have a family plan with four phones.  Boost allowed the Samsung Galaxy to move over to the new service but not our three iPhones.  One of the iPhones was only 9 days away from being a year on the Boost service, the other only 20 days away from a year and the third was purchased in July 2020.  ALL phones were FULLY paid for and I owed nothing to Boost for them.  

Originally, Boost told me they would send me an email to unlock the phones within 48 hours.  The email I received stated:   

"Dear Customer,
Letting you know your phones cannot be unlocked because it hasn't been active for more than 365 days.
Go to sprint.com/chat for help.
We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions.
Shameka C.
Sprint, now part of T-Mobile
For your reference, your Case # is 291820176.  Manage your account conveniently from your favorite device!
Learn more about My Sprint and our Sprint Zone app at sprint.com/mysprint."
I went on the Chat at Sprint and at first said they couldn't help.  Then the supervisor came on the chat who then called a Boost customer dis-service representative.  

The representative that I spoke to at Boost said that it was "their policy"  to not unlock the phones "ever" if the phones were not on the service a year.   I told him I wasn't aware of that policy.  He said it was posted on their website.   I was not aware of that policy when purchasing the phones.  The representative was no help ... a waste of time.

I don't recall anything stating the "unlock policy"  at the time that I purchased the phones.  I looked at my confirmation email where I purchased the phones and there was no information stating that the phone would be locked for a year.  I would like to know where the information was buried?  

This is really bad customer service.  I paid for the phones ... they should be mine to do what I wish.  This happened to my daughter with Boost as well.  I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also let everyone on social media know that they don't want to do business with Boost.  

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5 m ago

You can get it unlocked...but it will cost you between 20 and 50 bucks. You see even though you own it they want to mooch a years worth of service out of you. That is all it is.

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3 m ago

I had the exact same problem basically...I requested that my old phone i had with them be unlocked so i could use it with new carrier...I was given the same response, that my phone was unlocked on their end.. After 5 or 6 attempts of trying to resolve the situation i was given the runaround over and over that it was my new carriers problem, then i was told to call sprint who told me to call boost... The same endless loop.,.. After seeing multiple complaints about this online i asked to speak with a supervisor !! All the sudden when i asked for a supervisor someone suddenly knew how to fix the problem... My phone had not been in service for so long that it was not current with any of the updates... So i had to put my Boost sim back in the phone, then go to settings, then go to updates and update profile and software then BOOM, problem was solved, phone immediately unlocked!! Put in new sim and restarted phone:)