Sun, Aug 8, 2021 2:57 PM

upgraded to an iphone x now i can't get a signal at home

I had an iphone 6plus and had no trouble getting a signal any where. i boosted up to an iphone xr and now an luck to get one bar at home. Any ideas?

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Perhaps the biggest question is which network are you on?  If you recently upgraded, chances are you have been migrated over to "the expanded network", which is 5g capable.  Some people report struggling with signal strength.  I won't say that's the case with every iPhone owner, but I know I have personally had issues.  I went from 4-5 bars inside my house, down to one, and two standing outside.

It's also important to note that there are a lot of factors that can have an affect on signal strength, like structures, distances from towers, what kind of case you have on your phone, heck even the weather and precipitation.  All have a cumulative affect on what kind of reception you're going to get.  That said, Boost is still in the process of deploying a lot of new towers, and it's possible (probable) that they haven't installed any towers in your area.

You may wish to check the boost coverage map.  Chances are it might not accurately reflect the real signal strength, because the coverage map is more along the lines of sales propaganda than an actual diagnostic tool.  So, when I called to report issues with my XR, they advised me to make sure that the SIM chip was clean, so power down your phone, inspect the sim and if it has finger prints or anything on it, clean it off with a lint free, microfiber cloth.  You don't have to push hard or do it for a long time.  After you've wiped it off, reinsert the SIM and power your phone up.  Maybe that might help.  Another thing they had me try was resetting my wireless (cellular) connection. Refer to your owners manual on how to do that, as I'm not super familiar with all apple products, so things could be a little model specific.  If that still doesn't work, then you may try support, but that's a gamble.