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Tue, Jun 30, 2020 5:00 AM

returning or exhchanging a phone

i bought an iphone 8 plus not too long ago, around a month ago now and i was just thinking about how i should've just went and gotten the xr. could i possibly get refunded and then buy the new phone? the problem is though i would have no means of contact through those days - where i have to send the box out and then having to order and wait for the new phone to come in - pretty much since my old phone is broken and can't be activated bc the antenna bands are messed up. 

could i go to an apple store and ask of the same there? any help would be greatly appreciated !


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1 y ago

Hello @iourdes. We are sorry. We have a 7 days return and refund policy and beyond that we are not able to take back your device and apply a refund. You may contact Apple to verify any options available about exchanging your device with the XR model. We remain at your service. If you have any other question, just let us know.