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Mon, Dec 18, 2017 12:00 PM

No Data - No Cellular Service for 24hrs

my iphone 5s has been without data or voice calling for over 24 hrs.   It constantly says it's searching for service.

Wifi still works.   I've checked my bill is paid in full, I've checked for service outages and I find no reports in my area.  I've rebooted my phone many times, updated my software, reset the network settings.


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3 y ago

See if the above link helps.

Did you recently update the iOS version?

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3 y ago

Thanks Madra31, I'd seen the apple support link looking at a previous community posts and have followed the trouble shoooting steps without resolution.  

iphone software.PNGnetwork screenshot 2.png

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3 y ago

I had to wipe my phone,

do a full factory reset,

try to acivate the phone repeatedly for several hours (SIM card error was preventing activation), - taking out the sim card and reinserting multiple times may have helped,

then recover my icloud account without a verification code since my iphone that I setup the icloud trusted recovery option method with wasn't receiving the verification code texts - Apple says could take 24 hrs...

But the phone is finally working now - Calls and Texts are working, and I'm back on network!.