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Sat, Oct 5, 2019 11:00 AM

iPhone 8 Plus not unlocked/invalid SIM

For the past 7 days, I’ve been trying to get my 8 plus unlocked. I won’t go into details about how I’ve been lied to, laughed at and disrespected by so called supervisors.
They keep saying it’s unlocked on their end, but it will not accept a SIM card from any carrier. I had the phone activated with boost for 17 months. We’ve tried everything possible.

Please, do not say reset the phone, enroll it with another carrier, turn it off, try a different SIM, take it to Apple. I’ve done all of the above.

The phone is in working condition with no defects. It has a carrier lock, period.


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2 y ago

Also, my phone has not been reported stolen; it met all the requirements to be unlocked.

I’m considering suing for an unlocked phone, the time and gas wasted, etc. I just want my phone that I purchased outright to be unlocked.

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2 y ago

Hi there! Let's take a look. Please send us a private message with the phone's IMEI. 


You can send a private message by clicking on an agent's name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.