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Tue, Dec 17, 2019 7:00 PM

Iphone 8 Plus A1864 compatibility

Can someone on Boost Mobile take care of this issue.


Exactly what Iphone 8 plus are compatilbe with boost. (Apart from the ones Boost mobile website)

From MY research looks like the verizon A1864 model will work but who knows anyways.



Can the Boost Mobile Staff do something Please


[Looks like all research has to be done by the customer and that makes it hard.   Swaping devices should be simple and easy to do.

I'm here setting doing all this research before getting an Iphone 8 Plus for the family and don't know if itll even work with Boost]

It'll probably be easier to just go to verizon and get their family plans-great price, great coverage, not doing compatibility research for phones, etc.

Where is Boost?

I be this post will be here for days before someone gives a clear/solid solution


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1 y ago

Hello, @Nanito395 ! Only the A1864 and an open market version of the iPhone 8 plus are eligible to activate with us. 

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1 y ago

What’s “Open Market”?

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1 y ago

Sold as Open Market directly by the OEM- These devices are not locked or carrier specific.