Fri, Sep 17, 2021 2:08 AM

iPhone 13

If I buy an iPhone 13 from apple, will I be able to have it activated with boost?

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13 d ago

Yes, you can. I went to boost mobile store and they activate it. No problems at all. 

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1 m ago

  Thank you for your time today.



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25 d ago

I pre ordered it from the Apple Store as well. It should work because they also have it coming. Boost will not confirm because it is not out on their website yet. I'm sure it will work. I'll be trying to activate mine tomorrow when it comes. I'll keep you updated. 

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@Jorgeluis1472 did it work for you?

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24 d ago

It is not working for me. I cannot get through on the customer service line, so I will be going into a physical store. 

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23 d ago

@dragonboy I was able to call the customer service line. I went to a store and they said that I could not activate it yet. Lies lol. When I called the first time, the person said that I could not use the same SIM card. Lies again lol. The second time I called a gentleman was able to activate my phone with the same SIM card I had. Just make sure you all have the expanded network SIM card (new one that was mailed to some people). It works people.