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Thu, Jul 9, 2020 8:00 AM

iPhone 11 not receiving calls

I was part of the merge from Virgin Mobile to Boost mobile. At the time I had an iPhone 6s. After a bit I upgraded to the iPhone 11 which I bought through Boost. Nothing worked when I first got it. After a week of talking to support i was able to fix my text messages. However, since I almost never get calls anyways I never noticed that I cannot receive calls. I read other posts about having boost turn off VoLTE but they were from 2016 so I am not sure what direction I should take this. Over the phone support has been very confusing. My iPhone 6s WAS able to receive calls before I activated my iPhone 11. I have gone through every support option they had. Including wiping the entire phone. I also had Apple remote into the phone and they said it was a Carrier issue. 

This post is very similar to my situation: https://community.boostmobile.com/t5/iPhone/Unable-to-receive-calls/m-p/138342#M16093


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Hello, memaz985. Thank you for stopping by. Please send us a private message to further assist you. We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M. 

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Sorry to hear that, @michaelhlaws. Have you tried to turn off VoLTE? If not, please do the following steps: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > choose LTE, VoLTE Off. When completed, try to call your number from a different device and let us know the outcome. 

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Hi all,

I had the exact same problem, moved to Boost from virgin mobile, then switched to a new phone that I bought from Boost. I was able to make calls, but was unable to receive phone calls. When someone called, I didn’t get any notification at all and it did not show up on the call log. Which is why I didn’t notice the issue for 6 months because I rarely get phone calls 😅.

I called tech support and went through three different departments who tried reactivating, updating, everything. Nothing worked. Later I saw this post and tried turning off LTE, which worked but I was unsatisfied because I couldn’t use LTE.

Fast forward to a few days later, waiting for tech support to call me back, and guess which number they were calling?? 🤦‍♂️

Since it was about LTE, I wondered if it had to do with the SIM card. I realized that when I switched phones, I put the old Virgin Mobile card into the new phone. The new phone came with a Boost SIM card, but back then they told me not to use it. So now, I put the Boost card in my phone and had them switch my number over, and it worked! It must be a compatibility issue with the Virgin mobile cards and the Boost network. 

tl;dr: switch your SIM card with the one that came with the new Boost phone (or get a new Boost one) and have them activate it for your phone.