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iMessage Questions

Lets say I send someone a message, is there a feature where I can select who to reply with what. If I don’t want to leak my phone number and would prefer to use my email for what person but my number for the rest? What ifAppvn  they message me with their email would it automatically reply from my number SHAREit or email? Lastly, is there a way to see whats being used if its being sent as my number or email?


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Hi. Thanks for contacting us. We are glad to help. To check where is your iPhone sending from (email or number), please go to settings> Messages> Send & receive. We don't think it is possible to set up for single contacts whether to use your email or number to reply. 

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Im an android user and am waiting on my Pixel Xl pre order but I keep seeing a lot of comments on how iMessage just dominates any form of messaging android has, including Google messenger. Why is iMessage so much better?

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