Mon, Nov 22, 2021 6:03 PM

Can I buy an iPhone directly off Apple? And how could I set it up?

So I finally decided it’s time to get a new phone. The TLDR version of it is I can’t have one delivered to me through the boost website and the store near me doesn’t have it.

So questions are this

Firstly, will it work with no issue?

Secondly, would it mean I just chose the option to set up with my carrier later and that’s automatically the unlocked version?

Thirdly, assuming it’s all possible how would I go about it?

Could I order the phone, use my Sim from my current XS and then click swap device? Would I click activate? It’s the 5G sim that was sent to me so it should be compatible. Or would I need to go to a boost store for a whole new sim? Or would I need to call? Using a phone off network isn’t easy for me so not having to do so would be ideal. Thus please answer, don’t just say to call the support number.


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2 m ago

@wolfspirit00 Hello! You can buy a phone directly from Apple, it will need to be re-sku'd to work with Boost Mobile, so you will have to call in to get it activated. You will need a new sim card you can get that by calling us at 1-833-502-6678 or chat with us on boostmobile.com, you can also get one from your local Boost store.