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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 2:00 PM

Buying new phone

Watch buying new phone from Boost, if you don’t live in their 5G network area.. I always used androids. Decided to buy an iPhone 7 from Boost. When trying to activate phone, site said I had to change plans. So I did, even though I never have before. Phone still wouldn’t work. Called tech support. Told I would have to change SIM card to old type. I live an hour away from nearest Boost store, so I had to reactivate my old phone, until I could get another SIM card.. Been on phone 4 1/2 hours today talking with Boost 5 times and Apple twice, because I could make calls but couldn’t receive calls. They had to reboots the LPN. Ended up being, they closed my old account and started a new one. With no record of my years with them or buying the phone from them. Charged me $10 to reactivate my old phone, until I bought a new SIM card for the iPhone, that I bought from them. Paying $5 more a month, because they classify me as a new customer. Be weary and make sure you check 5G network availability, before purchasing a phone from Boost online.


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