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Tue, Apr 16, 2019 7:00 PM

Are swapped unlocked phones locked to boost for a year?

I have had service with boost mobile for almost 4 years. I just bought an unlocked Iphone X online to swap out my Iphone 6. When I went to a retailer she stated that the new unlocked phone will be locked to boost mobile for a year once swapped. I don't know how this can be true. Was the information that was provided to me correct? If so, what is the justification in locking the device that was bought used (Swappa) for a year?

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2 y ago

Hi there dnguyen952. Sorry for the misinformation. If your device is unlock or from another service provider, as BYOD devices they will not be locked under our network. Only Boost Mobile phones fall under our unlock policy. If you have any other question or concern please let us know.