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Tue, Sep 24, 2019 12:00 PM

Activating IPhone 11 Pro From Apple store

Hey I just wanted to share some information on the situation I went through. I bought an IPhone 11 pro from the apple store under the sprint provider becuase thats what the employees were saying to do for Virgin Mobile customers. The employees were experienced with Virgin Mobile customers as well, so they knew what they were talking about to an extent. NOTE: ( I am grandfathered in with a Virgin mobile service under a plan you cant get anymore). Anyways the SIM card I recieved from the Apple store was not compatiable with my Iphone 11 pro for some reason. So I went back in a few days later, after calling virgin mobile several times trying to figure out why I couldnt activate my phone.  When I arrived to the Apple store again a manager and I talked with a representative from Virgin mobile who said that the SIM card I have is not the correct one. The manager tried to look up the SIM card I needed and she did not have one at all, but she did explain very clearly the situation which Virgin Mobile DID NOT AT ALL!! For some reason I needed a version of the SIM card that was just SLIGHTLY different. The Apple manager said that if this sim card was the DT 2 then I needed the DT 1 or vice versia. Then the Virgin Mobile representative said that if i go to a Sprint Corporate store I can get a SIM card that will work and be the right version I need. So after the Apple store I went to a Sprint Corporate store and got a SIM card kit for 3 bucks and the Sprint rep explained which one I needed and I used their landline to activate my new phone and it worked!!! 

This was a pain in the a**, I could of waited 3 to 5 days for virgin mobile to send me a free sim card that might of worked but NOBODY WAS EXPLAINING ANYTHING. The only thing they could say was it wasnt compatible. If it wasnt for going back to the Apple store and having a representative talking with Virgin Mobile I would of never gotten an explanation on what was going on. 

Long story short, If youre trying to activate an Iphone 11 pro you bought from the Apple store and its a Sprint SIM card/ service. First thing you need to do is see if the SIM card they give you works. IF it does not then go to a sprint store and you need to buy a certian SIM card called SIMOLW516TQ  I got this card in their 4 in 1 SIM Kit pack. THEN BOOM IT WORKED!!! Im not an expert on SIM cards, I dont know if that exact one will work for your phone but it did for mine. You could always wait for virgin mobile to send ya one too, I didnt want to wait 3 to 5 days and you cant get it any faster. 


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