Wed, Aug 18, 2021 1:22 PM

How to stop weekly automatic download of games

Boost had a popup that was a promotion to receive free games downloaded every week. I accidentally clicked accept and now I do not know how to turn it off. I have limited phone space and do not want these new games every week!

Note: I have an android and in the app store I made the setting "ask me every time" for my "app download preference."


Accepted Solution

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1 m ago

Okay I finally found the settings and it allowed me to cancel it.

Boost Care


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1 m ago

Hello Jeffrey! If you are referring to Mini-Me Games you can cancel the service by replying STOP to 43108 or Go to My Boost>Account>Manage Plans and Add-Ons on your device or My Account>Manage Add-Ons on boostmobile.com

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@Ojay76    Thanks for the reply. I am referring to "Game Spotlight."  Once a week it downloads a new game or two and says, "Your Game of the week is here. Try it now!"