Tue, Oct 19, 2021 9:48 PM

Worst Service EVER

I went into the store to get a “free sim” & was informed about other things! My bill is for unlimited everything. The amazing boost worker  let me know that I’ve been paying for data. That data is NO LONGER unlimited and hasn’t been for the last few months. So even though my bill says unlimited everything, even though I’ve been PAYING for unlimited everything, I’m pretty much being scammed. This “free” SIM card, it’s not free at all! Not only is it not free, Boost no longer wants to pay T mobile for their network so they’re making their making their own network and the more people that joins that network the better for them because they won’t have to PAY T MOBILE! So if you don’t switch you sim your account will be suspended. Not only that, I was told BY THE WORKER, the new network will have problems - a lot of problems. It’s best to switch to a new company or even deal with T Mobile directly.  This is literally the worst company ever!!!!! Doesn't even have representatives to speak to, they will only talk online. “611” is of not help. Don’t renew if you have boost. If you don’t have boost DONT JOIN!!!

Boost Care


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Il y a 7 m

Hello @NeaBeauvior! We understand you haven't had a good experience, we want to make sure you have the right information. Our data plans are unlimited, the speed is slowed down after 35GB of data has been used. If the sim card needs to be updated it is free when you get it directly from Boost. The stores are run by independent retailers so they have different offers and costs for doing things. Boost was previously owned by Sprint, T-Mobile purchased Sprint. Dish purchased Boost from T-Mobile a little over a year ago. We have a multi-year contract to use T-Mobile's network, but T-Mobile has decided to shut down Sprint's old network. We have a group of customers on that old Sprint network we have to move to the Expanded Data network, so they don't lose service when T-Mobile shuts it down. We hope this clears up the misinformation you were given. Please call us at 1-833-502-6678, we can send you a free sim card..