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Sun, Nov 7, 2021 6:54 PM

Worst experience ever

So I was a new customer to boost mobile, and I just wanted to put this out there I had the worst experience with them not only on the phone getting the run around, but in 2 stores as well, I have never been treated so brushed off and rude I mean the 2 girls wouldn’t even come from behind the counter to show me any phones..told me they didn’t have what I need, ok so can I see a different phone? They didn’t know if I had $2,000 in my pocket for an iPhone 13!! But to be treated so rudely, and how convenient NONE of the stores around me had what I needed according to these so called employees but to top it off, they begin to speak in a different language as I’m standing right in front of them and they clearly can see I’m not of that ethnicity, I’m not familiar with the language, and to roll their eyes at me, I was so baffled and still am..I just can’t believe the way people treat others, but to be getting paid and treat people that way, speaks volumes to me, I tried going to higher management and even called the customer service line a lot of good that did for me…so thanks boost mobile for my first and last experience and I wouldn’t recommend this service provider if you doubled what is being paid to the so called employees that waited on me earlier.

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