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Wed, Sep 15, 2021 7:13 AM

Unreliable internet, data’s too slow

You slow down my data around the same time every month unless your site/app is having issues. Usually on the 16-17th no matter how much or how little I use and when my mother addresses you about it you completely dismiss or ignore it and it’s ridiculous. This is the worst, unreliable service I’ve had. Pretty sure dial up internet is better or at least more reliable. And my data is SLOWER after you had me redo my internet settings and update. I literally can’t even call my long distance boyfriend. I’m extremely unhappy and dissatisfied. Ever since the new people bought Boost the quality of service has plummeted downwards. My internet has been horrible for over a year now and keeps getting worse and we have your BEST package. Do better or you’re going to lose customers that used to HIGHLY support and recommend you. 

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