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Unlocking my Samsung S10e

I bought Samsung Galaxy S10e phone in December of 2019 when I was still on Virgin Mobile. Then I got moved to Boost Mobile.

I got the notification for the update last week, but I was busy, so I put it off until the weekend. In retrospect, I should have researched the update first, but I've never had a problem before. On Sunday, I was home and decided to allow the update, mostly to get rid of the notification. The update seemed to go fine, and I did notice my phone saying "Sprint" in the upper left corner.

I didn't notice anything wrong for a few hours because I always use WIFI when I'm at home. But I went to the store that evening, realized I couldn't connect to the internet. I tried resetting my phone and all of the network information, but it didn't help. I took out my SIM card, tried lightly cleaning it, put it back in, which didn't help either. I was able to make calls and SMS, but no data or MMS.

Yesterday morning, I called the Boost customer support to help. The first guy told me there was nothing wrong on my account or with the towers in my area, but I had to call back (and wait on hold again) with a different phone so they could try to do things with my phone on their end.

I called back on my work phone and got someone else, and after reexplaining my problem, she walked through the process to reactivate my phone. It didn't help and then either she hung up on me, or the phone disconnected. So I got on the online chat feature and (after waiting in line again and reexplaining my problem) started chatting with someone who really seemed like she wanted to help, but nothing worked, and I had already tried almost everything she suggested. She said she could only forward my problem to the networks team.

After all that, I tried activating my old Galaxy S7 to see if I could connect to data. That phone hasn't been updated in years, which might be why I was able to use my data on it when I tried. Knowing that it was my phone that was the issue, I factory reset my S10e in case it got corrupted during the update. After it was done resetting, I reactivated it and I still couldn't connect to data.

I finally thought to check Reddit, and found this community. I learned that if I switch my Network mode to CDMA, I would at least get 3g. It's slow, comingleomegle but will work for me temporarily. This morning, I was able to use Boost Mobile's chat and request my phone be unlocked. I was told that they would be able to do it since I have used this phone for over 12 months, and it would take up to two days to be completed. I also got my account number (she had to call me to give me that).

Once my phone is unlocked, I will be on my way to a new provider. I bought this phone for over $700, it still works well, so I want to be able to use it azar. I feel like all of us got stuck in a custody battle between T-Mobile and Dish, and of course we are the ones who lost.


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Il y a 6 m

What's happening with the S10e's is that they're locked to the old boost mobile network. Since Dish is now the owner and the new network they're using is technically not the "boost mobile network" that we were using, the phone is locked to the old network and you will not be able to use the new expanded network SIM card until your phone is UICC UNLOCKED. Please contact boost mobile customer service and request a "UICC Unlock" and request them to unlock both DOMESTICALLY and INTERNATIONALLY to ensure that your new SIM works on the new network.

Below is a reddit post that might provide some better insight than what Boost's care providers can give:


Good luck! If this doesn't fix the issue, at least your phone is unlocked and will be able to be used on other providers.