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Mon, Apr 2, 2018 8:00 PM

The Sammies: A Special Set of Skills...with a Dash of Find My Device



What's up Community!!  Little known fact, I am close and personal friends with The Sammies!  The Sammies are a group of Samsung employees who publish and produce helpful videos on how to use valuable features on Samsung devices in fun and real-world scenarios.  


Today's feature is about Android Device Manager/Find My Device.  Most customers are unaware this feature exists for all Android devices.  During my days as a Tech Agent, I was surprised how common it was that customers did not know their username and password to Google.  ALWAYS KNOW YOUR GOOGLE CREDENTIALS!


Find My Device is very useful and in my opinion, an underutilized tool.  Sure, you can use it to locate a misplaced device, but you can also use it to remote lock your device let's say if you left your phone at your mother's house and you don't want her to see your Friday night bar pics.  So, let's dive in!


You simply head over to https://www.google.com/android/find.  If you have another Android device available such as a tablet or phone, you can install the Find My Device app.  Once you have signed in with your Google Credentials, you will be greeted with a screen showing all your Android devices and their current locations.

 Current status of Android devicesCurrent status of Android devices The tool is very comprehensive and provides useful data. Not only does it display all the devices attached to the specific Google profile, but it also provides helpful information about each device such as the last time it pinged the Google servers, remainingmedium.png battery and if it's currently connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.  As soon as the device is pinged by Find My Device, a notification immediately appears citing it has been located.small.png At this point you can click "Play Sound" and the device will ring for 5 minutes even if set to silent.  There is the "Lock" option which will immediately lock device and display any message of your choosing.  This is my personal favorite because not only are you able to lock the device, but you are able to leave a message to be displayed on the screen and a phone number.  Whoever locates your phone, can tap the phone button and it will call the designated number.


medium (1).png

 medium (2).png


If all else fails, then there is always 'PLAN Z'...Erase all content.  I do not recommend this action because not only do you lose all the information on the device, you will no longer be able to track it.  I recommend this as a last resort.  A 'Break Glass in Case of Emergency' if you will.  Enough of my jibber-jabbering!  Let The Sammies show us a real-world scenario.




For those that use Chrome and is signed in with you your Google credentials.  Simply type "Find My Phone" in the address bar and it will locate it!large (1).png




Mind. Blown.

Reference: SOLUTION: Android: How do I find my phone? Android Device Manager



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