Fri, Dec 10, 2021 11:41 AM

SIM upgrade experience

I recently commented this on another user's post, but I wanted to post my experience for everyone to see.

I recently went to upgrade my phone thinking it would take 5 mins to put in the new sim card. Me and my new family (I just gave birth), sat in the store for over an hour. I was not made aware that once my old sim was taken out it there was no going back. The associate helping me called the company to ensure my type of phone was compatible, the woman on the phone said yes. So the worker then tried to put in the new one and not only did it not work, I was "locked out" of my phone. They told me I would not have service for 2 days. My partner, was not going to let that happen, due to my physical condition and health after having a near death experience during childbirth and having a newborn child I need cell phone service, just in case there is an emergency. So he took me to Verizon bought me a brand new phone and added me to his plan. Our experience with boost was unnecessary and ridiculous. I have been a boost customer since roughly 2015, and I have never had a problem until now. By the way, the new sim card has yet to work, it's been about 3 weeks... 9

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