Sat, Nov 20, 2021 11:34 AM

SIM Swap on Samsung S10 Model # SM-G973U

I have a Samsung S10 Model # SM-G973U, I called 2 days ago to have my phone unlocked. I noticed it was unlocked this morning. My UICC Unlocked = "Your device is unlocked to support any SIM." So I power down the phone remove the old SIM and installed the new Orange boost SIM. Turn in the phone it boots up. The I get a notice to reboot. I reboot. I'm back in the prouter login hone now. But now I cant make any calls and no I have no data except WiFi on my home network,. When I attempt to make a call I get Voice message "The service you are attempting to use is restricted or is unavailable, please contact customer care for assistance. Message DC15965"

Boost Care


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11 d ago

@ColinGrandhomme Hello! We appreciate you reaching out. We know there have been some posts about doing this circulating around, but we do not support this. This phone is not compatible with the new expanded network. You will have to upgrade the phone.