Tue, Oct 26, 2021 8:10 AM

ripoff ads from Boostmobile

I clicked on ad selling a smartphone for $129.99 with sims card plus first month free with the $15 plan. I got an email from Boostmobile confirming the sale and plan. The Fedex delivered it to my house in about 7 days. Since I did not know how to activate it, I went to a Boostmobile office and the girl activated it and I paid her $35. The girl was really helpful. So far so good. Then, she asked me to pay $15 for the first month. Then, I told her that the first month would be free because the ad said so and the Boostmobile email confirmantion said so. She said she did not know anything about the promotion and I ended paying $15.

Then, I called customer service and I explained the situation to them and the representative lied to me by saying that they would honor the promotion. I transferred to Boostmobile from Metropcs. I had been with Metropcs for over 10 years.

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