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Fri, Apr 9, 2021 11:53 PM

Re: Data Packs? No Data Since 4 am Friday

Hi Boost,

Hopefully someone is listening tonight, but I have been out of data since about 4 am, and I had purchased data packs on 4/7 & 4/8 and neither are working! The very helpful and supportive Boost staff have been trying to, and even added a couple of data packs, but to know avail. I was trying to add some screenshots, but it'll take forever and a day to send a photo! This Data stopping/throttling stops way before I reach the 35,864 MB and I've been watching my data like a hawk and I've even turned off all the background data on my apps. Before Covid 19 I used to never consume this much data! 

Anyway, if someone can please help me, that would be great? I'm homeless right now so every little bit of data is important right now. Please give me a call if and I can explain further what's going on.

Additionally, I'm noticing these non-apps is the best I can call them, but when I add this data up it's close to 2 GB, and if I don't catch this it'll keep racking up data. Again I'm homeless and I can't afford to keep restarting my plan! Please be fair!

Thank you and have a great Saturday!



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