Wed, Apr 7, 2021 9:26 PM


So..I received a new phone through my insurance. Called the support line for help with activation. The new phone came with a Verizon sim card & the Boost sim card that was sent with the device didn't fit. Well, the CSR instructioned me to just switch the sim card from the old device to the new one. That caused the sim card to lock up. So now I'm sitting here with 2 phones & neither of them work. After being on the phone for about an hour with the CSR, she informed me that it though my issue was important...that she had to hang up with me(wtf) but not to worry...she would check back.😤🤬

Called Boost again today to see if we could get the sim card unlocked. Stayed on the phone with the CSR for an hour before he escalated the issue to technical support...wait another 30 minutes just for him to tell me that it will take approximately 3-5 business days for tech support to contact me! Meanwhile...I have 2 phones I can't use. This is after being a loyal customer for 7 years. So..we will see if the issue is resolved(insert eyeroll)..Im over Boost. 😤😡🤬

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