Sat, Sep 4, 2021 10:17 AM

Has anyone had issues with unlocking? EBB program?

I'm curious, has anyone had issues with getting their Boost phones unlocked? I've been having issues with them for 3 months now, so I tried to leave. They told me my phone was unlocked, so I started the activation process at another carrier and found out it wasn't unlocked. Now it's stuck in limbo between the two carriers and Boost still saying it's unlocked on their end. I'm worried I can't get it unlocked at all because it's not on their service anymore. Do any techies have insight?https://showbox.tools/

Also curious if anyone had issues signing up for the EBB (government broadband assistance) program because that's where all my problems with them started. Been a loyal customer for 6 years so this is really disappointing.

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I should have read your question before I posted mine. So your changing phone carrier to take advantage this  temporary emergency federal government benefit program?