Mon, Dec 6, 2021 3:48 PM

Fraudulent activities in the Boost Mobile Stores

There are a few stores in Philadelphia, PA where the owner has been involved in some fraudulent work at the store. All the employees are trained after hiring and they follow the instructions of the owner in a deal that only a portion of the money is paid in check and the rest as cash. 

Let me give you some examples of how the scam works: 

i. As an example, you guys are promoting "Free Moto G Power" on your website but there will be no such offers on the display where the customer (especially African American). The owner or the employee will try to sell you the same phone starting at a higher price and then give you some discounts. Sometimes they will sell those for $200, $100, or whatever amount. But the employee will only scan these phones and hand another one to the customer that he has bought (refurbished or used). He will sell the previously scanned phone to a different customer without even entering it into the system as it was already scanned before. 

ii. There is not only this scam, but they also buy the new sim cards by themselves to get free phones or some other deals and keep it recharging until they can give the same number to any customer. Most of the stores owned by the same person have WhatsApp group conversations to tackle these situations where they ran out of new numbers in their store. 

iii. I do not think these scams only end here and there is more to it. or not. 

I almost got scammed a few months back. I thought it's better to notify you guys better reach out to law enforcement as I was not sure if the corporate is aware of these scenarios. 

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Il y a 5 m

@samsanders1120 Hello! Thank you for reaching out! We appreciate your honest feedback. Our stores are run bur third-party retailers so they won't have the same deals you see online, they are free to set the price for the merchandise they sell. We would suggest just ordering the phone online directly from Boost if the deal is better. 

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@Ojay76 Looks like you did not even bother to read through it and how the stores are bypassing the BoostMobile. Wow!