Sat, Jul 17, 2021 1:24 AM

EBB Not being applied

Is anyone else getting the run-around with Boost about their EBB status? Please let it be known, and if we have to, we should collectively make a big hoopla about it to the Media, all of whom would love a story like this.

Boost Care


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5 m ago

Hello Sandy! If you have any questions about the EBB program please feel free to post any questions you have here. You can also find information here: https://www.boostmobile.com/support/faq/plans-services/ebbp.html

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2 m ago

I have being put through hell and back for this very issue with customer support, told several different things contradicting each other with no accountability from boost support about the literal lies different support people kept telling me, and the issue never fixed. I'm literally switching today because I am so done with this. Like I can't even get into too many details with all of the different stupid things that I was told why it wasn't working or why they couldn't help me fix it or that they could help me fix it and then act like they never said that they could later. I am so angry just talking about it right now that I'm shaking. So now you're not the only one having this issue and I am beyond done with boost even though I had been a loyal customer for years up to this point.