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Sat, Nov 13, 2021 3:54 PM

Celero 5G activation issue


Purchased  the phone online thru Walmart, and proceeded to activate the sim card that came with it.  After many attempts, was unsucessful activating thru the on-line portal.  I had my older Boost branded Iphone 6s+ and surprisingly was able to activate the sim and now have full service on that phone.  Moving that sim back to the the Celero does show the phone number but no service.  Also tried different APN configurations to get the phone to hear a signal.

Tried a device swap on my account, but comes back as ineligable to swap. 

Has any other Celero users have a similar issue, and is there a solution that worked that could be shared?  BTW, the Celero is now telling me to activate; but the sim is active with full service (at least on my iphone 6s+)

Any help would be appreciated.


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