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Boost rep keeps telling me my unlocked iphone12 mini isn’t compatible

I purchased an unlocked iPhone 12 mini from phonedaddy, i checked to make sure and it clearly says “no sim restrictions “. The first boost rep checked the imei and told me it was a compatible phone and that I needed to go to the boost store and purchase a new sim, so I did. After purchasing and installing the new sim every rep I’ve spoken to since has told me my phone isn’t compatible. I’ve told them a previous rep already told me it was and they keep just tellingMobdro me to buy a boost phone from their website.(even after speaking with a supervisor for nearly 2 hVidMateours) they continue to tell me that. I asked the supervisor to re-sku it and she claims she’s already tried that twice. I’m not sure what to do. I’m just trying to help my mom who’s getting old set up her new phone and it’s making her cry that they keep telling her a phone (we checked the imei of online to make sure it’s unlocked on multiple websites metro and Verizon imei checkers) isn’t compatible and won’t work.

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@QuintonDkock Hello! We understand how frustrating this is for you. If the phone is unlocked it is compatible with Boost. You can try activating the phone yourself since you were told it has been re-sku'd here: https://my.boostmobile.com/shop/nr/check/iccid?extnav=UtilNav:Activate:DOP. If not you can try chatting with us on boostmobile.com.

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