Mon, Aug 23, 2021 7:55 PM


these guys are the absolute worst. i've been hung up on twice by their customer service reps and denied and unlock on the carrier lock. here's the deal. i upgraded to the iphone 12. swapped from the iphone SE gen 2. the SE gen 2 is paid for. i owe nothing on it. in other words, i 100% own the phone. my roommate needs a new phone and i just dropped a lot of money on upgrading to the 12. so, i was going to have the SE unlocked and sell it to my roommate to make a few dollars back on it. who wouldn't wanna do that, right? anyways, they denied me because the phone hadn't been active with boost for a year or longer. i've only had it for 9 months. even the FCC states that if the phone is paid for and no money is owned on it, you have a right to have it unlocked and do what you please with it. knowing this, they still denied me. boost is also a no-contract cellular service provider. so, i became increasingly frustrated (this has not been the first issue i've ever had with them). i decided i wanted to return my iphone 12, get a full refund and cancel my service. they've denied me of that as well. i was told i cannot return a phone after 7 days. i've had the phone for less than 4 days. these guys are so crappy to their customers that they included the days it was out shipping as part of the 7 day return policy. seriously, how ****ing ridiculous is that?! now, i'm stuck with them until this phone is paid for and i can afford another phone with a different carrier. 0/10. i don't recommend this carrier to anyone. stay far away. they're going to screw you out of anything that they can. 

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