Tue, Oct 12, 2021 11:34 PM

Boost Celero 5G

Ok, so yesterday I received my Celero 5G.  After using it for one full day I have to say that the only thing I don't like about it is that there is no case available yet.  Of course, I have yet to make an actual phone call on the phone...  I don't make phone calls often, and most of my family and friends text or use messenger.  The camera is awesome, the screen is clear and crisp, I don't lose signal like I did on my LG Stylo (even in a warehouse where we never have signal on the work phones).

I did find a case that is usable with a little modification, so the phone should be safe until the actual case is released by Boost.

So, all in all, it's a nice phone.  

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Il y a 7 m

I know you can't use a link on here but can you tell us what case you used please?  And how you had to modify it?  And, were you able to find a screen protector?  Thank you!

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@rcharrel I used a case for the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.  I had to cut the opening for the charging cord.  The soft silicone cases work best, as they are more flexible.  No, I have not gotten a screen protector yet.

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Il y a 7 m

Wal-Mart had one, but they are out of stock.  Mad at myself for not actually ordering one when I was first looking for one, about a week ago, when they WERE in stock. Keep an eye out on the Wal-Mart website, I check daily.