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Best tunneling process control

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Maxwell GeoSystems offers its clients an extremely flexible and cost effective range of systems and service options based upon the key component modules available within the MissionOS.

  • Mission Builder

The MissionOS connects all projects through a central data cloud and provides the overall umbrella under which the core systems operate. At the outset of a project Maxwell GeoSystems' clients subscribe to the MissionOS which then opens up the full service, benefits and seamless coverage of its systems.

Tailored to the needs of the Construction Industry, Mission Builder as the name suggests adds technical data layers onto the jobs hierarchy in Mission Site. Each data layer is particular to each type of construction and allows businesses to standardise and control the way in which data is captured and recorded.This can also be provided in bulk (per instrument) licencing deals or on project by project basis. Project data is gathered , formatted, processed and made ready for use in the MissionOS system. one of such is to provide best tunnelling process control.

Project data is gathered, formatted, processed and made ready for use in the MissionOS system. When clients sign up for Mission Builder, Maxwell GeoSystems provide an initial amount of storage which is generally sufficient for most initial phases of a project.

If extra space is subsequently required at any stage, additional storage can be provided through an Upgrade option. This way our client utilises the Mission Builder service according to volume needs and charges are applied pro-rata on a sliding scale as detailed in the Agreement schedule.

Similarly, Maxwell GeoSystems can offer to provide Archive services following completion of the main project activity like tunnelling process control. This acts as a central library and an invaluable reference resource for future projects as they arise.

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