Sat, Nov 13, 2021 1:42 AM

being forced to buy new 5g phone

I have had issues with my fairly newer phone bought through Boost for months, since May to be exact. First my wifi/internet/apps would not work if I wasnt inside my apartment. Then calls would randomly be dropped, texts wouldn't go through and I wouldn't notice the entire day until someone said they had tried to get ahold of me. I am pregnant and recently moved across states with waning in and out to zero wifi and service while trying to navigate with maps. I have been contacting Boost about these issues every time they occur since May 2021, and have been ran around and put through the same script and wringer of them telling me my service is great and I have great coverage and have been gaslit and told it's just an isolated issue with me and not an actual problem so I must be lying. They randomly sent my mother who is also through boost a new SIM card, which she didn't want to deal with, until they started sending texts stating she wouldn't be able to use her phone soon if she didnt switch the SIM card. I never recieved such texts and my phone is newer than hers. I had to do research and figure out for myself that Boost is basically phasing out phones and forcing them to switch over to 5g. Ok that's fine, I figured I'd just get a new SIM card too and everything would be fixed and my issues would be resolved. I had to inform Boost that this is what had been causing the issues, once I did this, they finally sent the text telling me I'd have to get a new SIMcard, so I went to a Boost store to get a new 5g one put in- no worries problem. The person at the store finally informs me my new phone that was not the cheapest is now suddenly not 5g compatible. They now expect me to buy another phone, my phone will be useless by the end of this year.Now I read an article online that this is all because Boost is being acquired my DISH Tv, and that THEY are responsible for providing people with new phones because millions of people will be without since Boost has been lying to everyone about the reason why their perfectly fine working phones will suddenly not work. I will definitely be seeking compensation for the months I have been lied to and paid a full bill for subpar service and then decide if I even want to continue with this company. Just a warning.

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2 m ago

Good luck! I just bought a Celero 5g. After setting up the phone I found that I have no call history showing on the phone. I called Boost talked with a person, finally, and was transferred to tech support. They transferred me to an auto parts store! The guy at the store said it was happening all the time! I was texting with a support person at the same time. He just ran me around in circles. Ended up telling me that as I use my phone I would then have a history showing. Well I had already used the phone, and still no history. I don't know how they are staying in business, I'm going to another provider, and I'm going to use the new phone to try out my new hammer...