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Sat, Oct 9, 2021 1:26 AM

Bait and Switch

Not a question but a comment. When I tried to buy the phone, the Samsung Galaxy A32, advertised by Boost for $150 after $130 discount, I found that there were added fees. When I got to the store the employee said I had to start a new account and pay for an “activation” fee and buy a new Sim card. The result was that I was expected to pay $325 to buy this $150-advertised phone. This is a classic bait-and-switch gimmick. Please advise a fairer way I can get this discount and buy this phone.

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Boost Care


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4 m ago

Hello William!  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Boost stores are run by third party retailers that will have different deals and promotions. Any offers you see online have to be redeemed online. Thanks for the detailed feedback! We’ll be sure to pass it on so we can make this clearer for our customers.

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3 m ago

Thanks, Ojay76. I'm pretty sure the original email advertisement I received said the deal had to be made in a Boost Mobile Store, not online. But I could be wrong. I'll go back and check this. Thanks for your reply. Will

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3 m ago

All Boost cares about is getting new customers. They do nothing for their loyal customers. Many of us are forced to buy new phones. They give free phones to new customers. Iphone SE is 79 for new customers 249 for current customers. What a joke!

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2 m ago

What's going on with Boost, I wanted to find out why my bill went up 5 bucks and they changed my service to a lesser plan and no one can tell me why it went up in the first place and I didn't ask for the lesser service.  i am now looking for another service   I am always happy to pay what i agree to pay but when you raise my price without information and have customer service people who have had no training you have made it impossible for me to stay.