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Sun, Sep 22, 2019 1:00 PM

Why is Boost Mobile Corp such a JOKE?

1) They LOST my phone number and assigned me someone elses...i had to write letters to corporate to get my number re-secured.

2) they allowed all of my account info to be changed to someone elses i have no idea about the identity of.

3) my account pin has been changed twice and i have not changed it.

4) most recent problem.... (get your popcorn)

my phone screen is completely destroyed. i cannot use the phone at all. i called to inform them that i needed my account info to buy a new device. they told me i need my pin number. my pin has been changed. they said they would text me my pin and i could read it to them. once again, i just told you MY SCREEN IS DESTROYED! ok, send us pictures of your i.d and we'll verify you. i send pictures and get a call back 3 days later. the info they have in the system does not match my id address...IVE ONLY EVER USED ONE ADDRESS! you cant even keep your filles updated correctly. the only thing boost keeps track of properly is WHEN TO TAKE YOUR BILL MONEY.

so, the only thing the foreign service rep could keep saying to me was "sorry sir, we connot continue any further without your proper address"

i am now stuck with a broken phone, i cannot be given MY OWN ACCOUNT INFO so i can take my number elsewhere and leave this terrible nightmare of a company, i have not had a phone to to use in 2 weeks. my number is on all my fliers and business cards. no one at boost cares. at all. no one can do anything other than ask me "when was the account activated" to get my info without a pin...


has anyone else had any nightmarish experiences with this joke of an entity? WHO AT THE BETTER BUSINESS B DID THEY PAY FOR THE "A" RATING?!

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