Sat, Aug 14, 2021 5:19 PM

Where is the new phone I ordered?

I purchased a new phone from the Boost website with expedited shipping on Aug 6. It's now Aug 14 and my package is currently sitting at a sorting facility in Baltimore and has not changed since the scheduled arrival date of Aug 9. I've been phoneless over a week now. You call this next day shipping??? If this isn't handled in a timely manner I'll be requesting a refund and leaving Boost

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4 m ago

I would advise contacting Boost by phone to seek assistance but, it seems a failure on the part of the delivery service rather than Boost.

No, that's not an excuse, but if Boost support can't do anything you can also call the package carrier.

Nevertheless, start with Boost support at the least for a refund or credit of the expedited shipping fees.

+1-866-402-7366 - Boost Mobile Support

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3 m ago

I have been in contact with both FedEx and Boost several times. I still don't have the phone I ordered and don't feel any closer to having this issue resolved. Keep in mind I can't make or receive calls still, I have to use someone else's phone or communicate through email. I've been waiting on this order to arrive 2 weeks...Somehow my shipping status is still currently stuck on "pending" and hasn't changed since the scheduled Aug. 9 arrival date even with all the calls I've made which leads me to believe all of my calls have been in vein. This is getting ridiculous. I seriously need assistance urgently from ANYONE