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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 4:00 PM

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Service & why not complete service.

What is happening...I sent my phone number & other info requested and I'm suppose to start topic?
I have had monthly service with Virgin Mobile and using a MOTOE5 Play 4G-LTE Smart Phone since 2018 and have never had anything similar to a WIFI service.  I connect to WIFI via my internet provider which is Frontier.  I am paying a hefty monthly fee to Virgin for incomplete service, especially when I am out and about traveling there is absolutely no service on my Virgin Smart Phone to help with checking coupons while shopping, checking social sites, etc..

Should I cancel this service and go with another service provider as it seems that when asking any type of question with Virgin Customer Service Reps and/or Techs, they don't understand anything but how to collect monthly service fees?    Plus, you can't understand any of the representatives because they barely speak English.  However, before Virgin was bought out by Sprint, they had the best of techy kids providing instant and correct advice.  But, as stated since the Sprint purchase, Virgin no longer offers adequate advice or the ability to fix anything.

The amusing part of it all, is that it took over 2.5 hours to initially set up my service with Virgin and it wasn't complete after that amount of grueling effort; however, the next day, it was somehow somewhat functioning.  COULD THE TECH THAT SET UP MY PHONE MISSED AN IMPORTANT FEATURE DURING THE INITIAL SET UP THAT TOOK 2.5 HOURS OR MORE, WHICH WOULD BE A FEATURE RELATED TO BEING ABLE TO CONNECT TO A SERVICE SIMILAR TO WIFI WHILE AWAY FROM MY RESIDENCE?

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