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Fri, Nov 20, 2020 3:00 PM

Utterly disgusted with the treatment from boost

I dealt with boost customer support for 8 hours today. I have been a customer for multiple years now. My opinion of boost was honestly 10/10, exceptional, until today. That's been brought down to a 4/10.


The crux of the issue is that I have a new phone and the $50 plan and this data service is slower than my previous plan. On my old plan, sometimes I would get relegated to 2G. THAT was faster than my current plan. 


I got the run around from customer support all day today. (EDIT: One agent even tried to pass me off to samsung to get help with my NETWORK issues!) Chat logs were saved. One agent in particular put something in the chat telling me to add a card for auto-reboost. The only option I had was "yes". Couldn't type or anything. Honestly seemed like a way to shut me up and stop dealing with me (i was asking how to go about getting a refund at the time).


I would really like to speak with someone in the corporate offices at boost.  This was a disgusting display of customer service - so much so that I made an account on here to attempt to have this made right. It took 4 agents before I was made aware that my sim card is apparently a 5G one and that's where my problem lies. I wasn't able to verify this because my sim card doesn't indicate if it's a 5G card but that really shouldn't make much of a difference. I couldn't even load on my data.. connection. 


So if there's anyone out there who works for boost and cares about the issues a long-time customer is having, I'd love to provide you with more details and the chat log of what I had to deal with today.  However, based on what I experienced today, I'm not holding my breath.


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5 m ago


 Hi there . Thanks for contacting us. We're sorry for the inconvenience with the service.


To better assist you, please send us a private message.

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5 m ago

So it looks like I was able to fix my issue. Essentially, the "Network Operators" section under "Mobile Networks" had nothing under the header.


After I messed with settings (after 8 hours on boost support and no one even once asked me to go into this menu), suddenly the words "Boost Mobile" have appeared under there. And magically everything is better. WOULD YOU IMAGINE THAT? But according to 4 agents everything was good on their end.


So the reason I'm sticking with boost is simply because I'm worried about being scammed by them if I send this phone back (conversations with support and my understanding of language make this a plausible concern). That sounds like a real healthy business-customer relationship.