Thu, Jul 22, 2021 6:11 AM


I have alot of outgoing calls on my call log from the number(360) 990-9999 after each outgoing call my number is on the log as incoming. I looked the number up and it says Jessica West but when I call it says enter a passcode. I'm pretty sure it's my boyfriend making the calls because he has boost as well. Please help me prove it!


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3 d ago

The words of a random stranger on the internet may not be all that reassuring, but it seems that the official response from Boost (based on my reading this forum for about 15 minutes or so earlier tonight) is that any of a handful of numbers ending in 9999 are tied to their voicemail services whenever a call is missed or not completed.

No idea why it shows up this way in your call history, but I too have several outgoing calls to a similar number, coinciding with my calls to set up/check voicemail over the last few days. I wish I had something to tell you about the Jessica West aspect of it, but I am clueless there.