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Fri, Jan 11, 2019 10:00 AM

Says I am eligible for BoostUP then tells me I'm not. What gives??

So I got a text message today saying I am eligible for BoostUP, since I've had my phone for quite a while now and have been on autopay since I got it. I log into my account and I have the blue message saying I'm eligible for BoostUP and click on the link it provides and it takes me to all the phones. I pick the phone I would like and when I get to checkout it tells me I'm not eligible for BoostUP. What is the deal here?? Feels like the old bait and switch. Smiley Frustrated


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2 y ago

It's obvious that Boost mobile actively discourages its customers from pursuing this offer. I have been trying to for well over  4 months to get them to honor this offer, but have only gotten the runaround...  Last night I changed my payment from auto pay to the month to month payment plan as I am looking to find a company that does not lie to its customers.