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Tue, Mar 12, 2019 3:00 PM

No one can call me -or- even leave a voicemail!?

I can make calls, I can text, and (for the time being) I can accept a text message.

But anyone trying to call me hears it ringing and ringing and never even rolling over to voicemail. I don't know why my Kyocera Kona Flip Phone suddenly won't work with Assurance but I have no income and live below the poverty line.  I paid for that flip phone out of my own pocket and it was expensive for me.

I HAVE TWO SURGERIES COMING UP and various pre-surgical-related X-Rays & Lab Tests.  What do I do when my doctor needs to act immediately on a recent result? I've already had to add one procedure marked URGENT which I would never have known about but for the fact that my HMO sent me a reminder by mail!!

The first man I spoke with last week LIED to me saying a free replacement "SmartPhone" would be sent.

The next lady I spoke with said she would expedite my new phone given my medical status. I asked her to text me the FEDEX TRACKING NUMBER (because it's the only way Assurance Wireless can contact me, by TEXT). Nothing! 

If this goes on for more than 3 more days I'll consider it actionable and meet you in court.


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2 y ago

Hey there, @toot-sweet! We really understand your concerns, but since you are referring to Assurance Wireless, we'd suggest you to contact their support team through their official Facebook page for further assistance. Thank you.