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Tue, Jun 27, 2017 9:00 AM

If you are having trouble processing order please try this

I was just able to process an order to go through with email and account confirmation of the order. If you are still having issues with trying to make a purchase, please follow the steps below.

Here is what I did differently to make sure my order went through:

1. Cleared my Browsing History (Cache and Cookies)

2. Used Incognito Mode under Google Chrome

3. During checkout, make sure my the Name on my Credit Card matches exactly (Middle Names / Middle Initials included)

4. During checkout, make sure my Address matches exactly to my Credit Card Statement (In my case, I was forced to exclude my Floor Number from my address as it was not being recognized)

If you end up trying this, please let me know if it works and mark this as the solution. Hope this may become of use to others as well. Thanks.

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4 y ago

Glad to hear it is working! Please spread the word.

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4 y ago

Thank you @cameron43! It turns our that my credit card billing address is recorded in a strange way- with my my apt # on line 1 and my street address on line 2. When I changed this in the order form I was finally able to submit my order (after days of trying unsuccessfully). 

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4 y ago

Update: Also, make sure that the Address under your V.M. account profile matches exactly with the address linked to your Credit Card Statement used during checkout. (Manage My Account >> Login >> Settings >> Edit My Contact Info). I remember doing this, as well as all the other steps, before my order went through.

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4 y ago

I am having horrible success with your system.  PLEASE, I want to reactivate my number again. 


Michael G Broujos 

Boost Care


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4 y ago

Hi there 302abc! Sorry for the long wait!

May we know how long has it been since you last used service with Virgin Mobile USA? It's important to bear in mind that an account (along with its number) is cancelled after being interrupted for 60 days.

If your old account was cancelled and thus the number lost, you'll have to use a new randomly-assigned mobile number. By the way, a $10.00 fee applies for re-activating an used device with a new number.

Looking forward to your reply!

RB-1991 (Robert)